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spread their influence everywhere, they conduct themselves
in such a manner as to make it appear that they aloue are the
protectors (of the king).                                                              (25)
(The bad ministers) persuade (the king; to offer (rewards)
to their own dependents : and dissuade him from rewarding
others. Moreover, they induce him to promise (rewards) to the
people, but prevent the fulfilment, so that the people, believing
him to be undependable, might not approach him.                (SW)
If a  (capable)  outsider  is  made an equal of these (bad
ministers;,  he will  check their   power like a powerful drug
which  strengthens the appetite  spoilt by the union ot kap/ia
and other diseases.                                                                       (27)
You may ask how (an outsider) could be made equal to
them in the teeth of their opposition.                                       (2&)
If a wise and powerful monarch keeps his treasury and
the horses and the elephants in his stables under his control,
does not the obstruction (caused by the evil ministers) vanish
by itself?                                                                                       (29)
(The dependents who serve a king) wish him evil, if even
a morsel is decreased in their food. Has a king (really) any
friends ? Is it wise to loosen your hold on the shoulder of the
man by your side? You should, on the contrary, skilfully
make him walk by your side (without relinquishing your
hold). You must not trust him, though you have to deal with
him kindly.                                                                                   (30)
From the fact that a person does not loatn an (evil) deed,
estimate the nature of his other actions ; (for instance), when
king Drupada requested a sage to perform a sacrifice for
compassing the death of some person, the sage replied that his
elder brother would' comply with the king's request, as he
observed him on one occasion picking up a fruit lying
on filthy ground, which he himself had abandoned in disgust*.
Thus it is possible from (observation) of one (action) to know
•The allusioB   is to  the   story of Yafa   and   Upayaja   in   the J-dipar-ean of the